Welcome to the Black Forest and a warm welcome to GWINNER. In 1930, Karl and Jakob Gwinner founded a carpentry workshop in Pfalzgrafenweiler out of love for their craft and the noble material, wood. Our company is still headquartered in this idyllic health resort in the Northern Black Forest. For decades, extraordinary and sustainable living concepts have been created here, consistently setting new trends.

GWINNER Wohndesign is a tradition-conscious and internationally successful furniture company from the Black Forest. In the realm of high-quality living and dining room furniture, we have been captivating customers for almost a century with first-class quality, sustainable production, and a distinctive design.


Our vision is shaped by the interplay of nature and society. We love the material wood and aim to preserve it for future generations through our sustainable production. With our goals and values, we want to convey the benefits of a furniture piece made in Germany to society and achieve a long-term desirability defined by design appeal, quality assurance, and sustainability, closely associated with the GWINNER brand in the market.

Our mission is to produce sustainable furniture for customers with high standards of quality and design. In doing so, we place the highest priority on maintaining a steady balance between tradition and innovation, achieving continuous and healthy growth, and ensuring complete production in Germany.