Longevity through quality

With the highest standards of technical perfection and craftsmanship, our products are developed and produced entirely in Germany. We have easily met the demanding criteria set by the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labelling with our high quality standards in the areas of construction, assembly and quality testing. With the RAL quality mark for furniture, you can be sure that you are buying tested furniture with reliable quality. Quality-tested furniture must be stable, safe, durable and well-made, and it must not contain any ingredients that could cause illness. Accordingly, we would like to give you a 5-year guarantee promise on all GWINNER products.


Living trends inspired by nature

With every GWINNER product you make a choice for quality for which there is also an official letter and seal. GWINNER has been a member of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (DGM) for over 40 years - strict quality conditions, valid DIN standards and safety regulations are therefore a matter for us.

"Made in Germany" stands for sustainable quality, design and reliable products worldwide. This independent award is therefore a synonym for the high quality of our furniture. Awarded the RAL quality mark "Golden M", tested according to RAL-GZ430. Only high quality veneers are used for the case furniture as well as table tops. Competent veneer specialists demonstrate many years of experience and craftsmanship in the careful selection and composition of the tree trunks used. Our silk-matt lacquered surfaces are produced using the most modern and environmentally friendly technology.

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With respect and the utmost care, we always devote ourselves to the task of bringing out the uniqueness of each type of wood and its individual structure, also in combination with other materials. The responsible selection of the materials used, the environmentally friendly processing and finishing have the highest priority for us. That is why we have also joined the Climate Pact for the German Furniture Industry of the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM) and additionally undergo certifications from independent associations and institutions.


Sustainable quality from tradition

The production of high-quality furniture has been a passion for us for almost 100 years. In addition to professional qualifications and special know-how, our employees have a very special sense for the material wood and the piece of furniture that is made from it.

Every day, we passionately face the challenge of realising our high values, from the idea through the entire production process to the finished product. The basis for tested quality, guaranteed safety and healthy living are the quality and testing regulations RAL-GZ 430. The emission label, also developed by the DGM, gives consumers even more security when buying furniture. It provides information about pollutant emissions and classifies furniture into emission classes to provide even better protection against health hazards. GWINNER also subjects its furniture to these tests. All models tested so far have achieved emission class A, the best of all four possible classes. Emission class A corresponds to the requirements of the limit values according to RAL-GZ 430 or the requirements of the Blauer Engel, which guarantees that the products and services meet high standards in terms of environmental, health and usage properties.


Our models are created with a shared vision for natural materials, sustainable solutions and a timeless design. Individually crafted and perfected by hand, the aim is to appeal to all the senses and express a modern naturalness. With nature as part of the furnishings, sustainability is the starting point of our furniture pieces and natural materials, sustainable development and the longevity of each design piece are the core values of our philosophy.

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Nature is our most important resource

The roots of the modern buzzword sustainability go back as far as the 18th century. Even then, the need to apply the principle of sustainability to the timber industry was recognised in order to preserve the forest as a valuable ecosystem in the long term. Therefore, only as much should be cut down as the forest can regenerate naturally in the foreseeable future. Over the decades, many things have changed, but our passion for wood as well as the associated demand for sustainable quality, which have shaped our company, have not.



We cover almost all of our energy needs for both production and the administration building by burning our waste wood. This saves around 750 tonnes of CO, per year. Furthermore, we use green electricity, generated from renewable energy sources.




When manufacturing our furniture, we use the finest veneer wood almost exclusively for ecological reasons. As real wood, veneer is a special kind of quality product: a thick wooden trunk is cut thinly to make veneer, thereby creating many square metres of real wood surface. As such, veneer is the thinnest and most ecological solid wood in the world.





The wood we use is sourced exclusively from sustainably managed forests, thereby guaranteeing that this valuable resource will be retained in the future.



GWINNER Wohndesign has signed the Climate Pact for the Furniture Industry. In view of rapidly advancing global climate change and the devastating impact it is having on people and nature, we and the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM) are committed to the UN‘s 1.5-degree target — as such, our furniture bears the DGM climate label as a sign of our sense of responsibility towards climate change.