05. 07. 2017

Latest member of the "Climate Pact for the Furniture Industry"

GWINNER is actively working to protect the climate

Fürth. The furniture manufacturer GWINNER, based in Pfalzgrafenweiler, Germany, has signed up to the "Climate Pact for the Furniture Industry". The Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (DGM, German Quality Furniture Association), which is based in Fürth, Germany, established the climate protection initiative at the beginning of 2016 on the back of the UN climate conference in Paris. "We want to assume responsibility  within one of the German economy's premium sectors. With each new company that signs up, our commitment to climate change and awareness of a sustainable German furniture industy continues to grow," explains DGM Managing Director Jochen Winning, who is delighted that GWINNER has signed up to the climate pact.

GWINNER's history stretches back as far as 1930: Karl and Jakob Gwinner first opened a carpenter's workshop covering 60 m² in Pfalzgrafenweiler in the northern Black Forest. The furniture manufacturer now has a production and administration area covering 11,000 m², and employs around 180 people. The majority of living and dining furniture produced by the company remains in Germany, with around 25 % being exported. As a member of the DGM, the company has long since proven its dedication to producing high-quality furniture. By signing up to the climate pact, the company is now explicitly stating its desire to protect the environment.

The DGM climate pact is based on a company's carbon footprint. Working together with the climate protection consultancy service GreenBlau.com based in Neustadt an der Weinstraße, GWINNER will calculate and analyse its carbon footprint. As a next step, the climate pact aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as far as possible, and to ultimately compensate them fully. "By determining the carbon footprint, its is possible to evaluate company-specific measures. This is then used as the basis to actively protect the climate," explains Mr Winning.

In addition to contributing to a healthier environment and enjoying possible savings potential, members of the climate pact also benefit from the DGM's climate label. Alongside the RAL "Golden M" label and the DGM's emissions label, the climate label provides customers with further reassurance when purchasing furniture since "these three labels represent guaranteed quality-tested, high-quality furniture produced by a responsible and forward-looking manufacturer," concludes the DGM Managing Director.

Further information is available online: www.dgm-moebel.de